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ESF is led by an all-volunteer Board of Directors. Currently, nine individuals sit on the board. Four directors are scholars at universities in Canada and the U.S. All share a deep interest in issues concerning world language problems, language policy and planning, interlinguistics, Esperanto, linguistic technologies and global education, among others. Director profiles, including contact information, can be found in this section.

The full board meets approximately once a month via teleconference to review ongoing programs, new initiatives and to oversee operations. The ESF board also meets for an annual strategic planning session at least once a year. In 2008, the board established an Operations Committee, comprised of a core group of Board members and the Foundation's Administrative Director, to review the business affairs of the organization on a weekly basis. The Operations Committee also reviews all submitted proposals and forwards those that match our interests and requirements to the full board for final consideration.

ESF Board of Directors

Humphrey Tonkin
President, Co-Founder | Prezidanto, Kunfondinto

Emeritus Professor of the Humanities and President Emeritus, University of Hartford (U.S.) | Emerita Profesoro de homaraj sciencoj kaj emerita prezidanto de University of Hartford (Usono)v

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Grant Goodall
Vice President | Vic-Prezidanto

Professor of Linguistics and Director of the Linguistics Language Program at the University of California, San Diego (U.S.) | Profesoro pri lingvistiko kaj direktoro de la universitata lingvoprogramo en University of California, San Diego (Usono).

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Derek Roff
Secretary | Sekretario
Retired director of Language Learning Center of University of New Mexico (U.S.) | Emerita direktoro de Lingvo-Lerna Centro de la Universitato de Nova Meksiko (Usono)
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Anna Bennett
Treasurer | Kasisto

Retired Certified Public Accountant (CPA), formerly certified in Oregon, Idaho and Colorado | Emeritiĝinta Atestita Publika Kontisto (CPA), antaŭe atestita en Oregono, Idaho kaj Kolorado.

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Mark Fettes
Vice President | Vic-Prezidanto

Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University (Canada), Past president of World Esperanto Association | Asocia profesoro en la Fakultato pri Edukado en universitato Simon Fraser (Kanado), Iama prezidanto de Universala Esperanto-Asocio.

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Wallace G. Du Temple
Director, Investments Officer | Estrarano, Invest-oficisto
Former Principal of the Victor Sammurtuk School, Chesterfield Inlet (Nunavut, Canada) | Antaŭa lernejestro de Victor Sammurtuk School en Chesterfield Inlet (Nunavut, Kanado)
Geoffrey Greatrex
Director | Estrarano
Professor in the Department of Classics and Religious Studies at the University of Ottawa (Canada) | Profesoro en la fako de klasikaj kaj religiaj studoj en la universitato de Otavo (Kanado)
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Hans Becklin
Director | Estrarano

Pastor | Pastro

Sebastian Schulman
Director / Estrarano
Sebastian Schulman is the Executive Director of KlezKanada | Sebastian Schulman estas la Ĉefdirektoro de KlezKanada

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