Grants Available



The Foundation invites proposals for research grants of up to $2000 to assist scholars and graduate students in conducting and publishing research in such fields as language planning, interlinguistics, transnational language policy, linguistic justice, and planned language (including Esperanto). Grants are available for:

  • small research projects
  • attendance at conferences
  • travel to research libraries
  • fieldwork support
  • website development
  • support for publication

                         … and related activities

 Proposals should observe the following guidelines

  1. The proposal should be sent in the form of a Word document or pdf to It will be reviewed by a small international selection committee.
  2. The proposal should include a brief itemized budget, a timeline stating the starting and completion dates, and brief biographies of all participants.
  3. The proposal should describe the project in brief narrative form, laying out your qualifications for undertaking the project and the expected outcomes.
  4. Proposals for travel or for conference participation should explain the purpose, importance and duration of the visit.
  5. Proposals for research support and fieldwork support should include plans for publication and dissemination of results.
  6. Proposals for website development should describe the purpose, extent, and likely impact of the project, and plans for longer-term maintenance of the site.
  7. Proposals for support for monographs and other publications should describe the work already completed and leading up to publication, and the audience and likely impact of publication. How will this publication compete with or complement other work?
  8. The selection committee favors proposals showing evidence of cost-sharing. Please include in the budget and/or the body of the proposal details of contributions from other sources or expenses to be borne by the grantee.
  9. Preferred languages for proposals are English or Esperanto.

The Interlinguistics Support Fund is administered by the Center for Research and Documentation on World Language Problems, publisher of the journal Language Problems and Language Planning.


The Foundation occasionally awards grants of larger amounts (up to $10,000). Please send a brief message of inquiry to If the Foundation is interested in considering your proposal, we will send you appropriate guidelines for its submission. 


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