Grant Recipients


ESF Grant Recipients

Recipient: UAM (Poznan) Interlinguistics Program (since 2009)

Recipient: Tomoko Freeman / Plena Rondo: producing of the film Leaving Language (2015, $2,000)

Recipient: Esperanto por UN (recurring grant)
Project: organization of a symposium at United Nations, New York, related to the issues of language justice. 

Recipient: Esther Schor, Macaulay Honors College of City University of New York, CUNY (2015, $11,000)
Project: Macaulay Esperanto Fellowship (summer 2015). Fellowships were available for 12 highly-motivated CUNY students with a strong interest in international studies, human rights, language and linguistics, literature or related fields, ready for immersion in the world of Esperanto.

Recipient: Eckhard Bick, in collaboration with members of E@I, including Bertilo Wennergren and Sonja Petrović Lundberg (2010)
Project: Automated Esperanto grammar checker, Lingvohelpilo. The software not only checks texts for possible errors, but also suggests solutions and provide explanations for grammar choices. The project was inspired by the needs of Lernu learners and language tutors, and was developed on the basis of extensive corpus analysis and Wennergren's prior work on a concise modern grammar of Esperanto for

Recipient: Christian Lavarenne (2012)
Institution: University of Paris
Project: Documentary research for the thesis titled “Espéranto : Son idée interne dans ses origines et quelques-unes de ses expressions et manifestations ( aide ou obstacle à la diffusion de la langue ? )” [English: Origins of its internal idea together with a few of its expressions and manifestations (aid or hindrance to the spread of the language?)]. The thesis was passed unanimously, receiving excellent reviews from the examining committee.

Recipient: Eckhard Bick (2012)
Institution: University of Southern Denmark
Project: Wikitrans, a machine translation project which provides automatic, high-quality Esperanto translations from English-language Wikipedia pages.

Recipient: Angela Tellier (2012)
Project: Publication of a 78-page booklet coming out of the Springboard to Languages Project, a five-year study of the effects of introducing Esperanto in selected primary schools in the UK.

Recipient: Sam Green (2006; film production: 2011)
Documentary Film Project: The Universal Language Sam Green’s 30-minute documentary on Esperanto, The Universal Language, premiered at film festivals in 2011, with the DVD version (including subtitles in 19 languages) launched at the end of that year. It has been well received, both in the United States and internationally. ESF provided a grant to Mr. Green for production of the film, as well as an interest-free loan for production of the DVD. The film is available for sale at ($4.99 for a digital download, $20 for a DVD with subtitles available in 19 languages) or from the book service of the World Esperanto Association,

Project: Springboard to Languages Project, an effort to introduce Esperanto in selected primary  schools in the UK as part of the country’s new language policy. An important component of the  project is the evaluation of students’ language learning, with an emphasis on the propedeutic  effects of Esperanto language study preceding French language study. (2007-2010)

Recipient: E@I - Esperanto Aktuale (2010, $52,674)

Researcher: Dr. Christopher Krägeloh (2008)
Institution: Auckland University of Technology
Project Title: Revitalization of Te Reo Maori: Lessons from Research in Interlinguistics. The goal of the research is to investigate the extent to which language revitalization of Te Reo Maori can benefit from the already existing literature in interlinguistics.
Grant Award: $6,000

Researcher: Antjie Krog (2008)
Institution: The Center for Comparative Literature and Society at Columbia University
Project: ESF provided a grant in the amount of $10,000 to the Center for Comparative Literature and Society at Columbia University for a residency by Afrikaans poet Antjie Krog in connection with the Center’s interest in translation. This was the foundation's fourth award to the Center.
Grant Award: $10,000

Researcher: Dr. Probal Dasgupta (2008)
Institution: Indian Statistical Institute
Project: ESF awarded Dr. Dasgupta a travel grant which allowed him to continue work on his project Developing a Kernel-Theoretic Approach to Lexicography.
Grant Award: $5,000

Recipients: Probal Dasgupta, Spomenka Štimec and Zlatko Tišljar (2007)
Project: partial funding for research connected with a project for translating children’s books into Bengali and several European languages, using Esperanto as a bridge.

Recipient: Sabine Fiedler (2007)
Institution: University of Leipzig,  GIL (Gesellschaft für Interlinguistik) Program
Project: a teaching effort at the University of Leipzig aimed at the ultimate establishment of a program in Interlinguistics and Esperanto studies, under the direction of Dr. Sabine Fiedler and the sponsorship of GIL. A report on this project appeared in the Fall 2008 issue of the journal Language Problems and Language Planning.
Grant Award: EUR 9000

Researcher: Dr. Nergis Erturk (2006)
Institution: The Center for Comparative Literature and Society at Columbia University
Project: Missed Encounters: Modernity and the Crisis of Language. An investigation of a linguistic crisis in western European and Turkish literary modernism during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
Grant Award: $10,000

Researcher: Dr. Sho Konishi (2006)
Institution: formerly at the University of Illinois and now at Oxford University
Project: The Emergence of the Esperanto Movement in Japan: Interlingualism and the Vision of Cooperatist Anarchist Modernity.
Grant Award: $10,000

Researcher: Dr. Thomas Cooper (2005)
Institution: formerly at The Center for Comparative Literature and Society at Columbia University and now at the Academia Hungarica in Budapest
Project: An investigation of the role of translation in the (re)creation of a transnational literary consciousness in the linguistically diverse region of Central Europe.
Grant Award: $10,000

Researcher: Dr. Nancy Nicholson (2005)
Institution: University of Delaware
Project: Linguistic Human Rights for Ethnic Minorities: Language Planning for Interpreting Services at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and Implications for the International Criminal Court (ICC) as well as Future International Tribunals.
Grant Award: $10,000

Project: Supporting of an Esperanto teacher training program in Africa.
Grant Award: EUR 2500

Project: Esperanto translation of the Council of Europe publication "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment.", commissioned by Roel Haveman  (2007)

Project: development of proficiency guidelines for Esperanto as part of ACTFL’s (American Council on The Teaching of Foreign Languages) national foreign language proficiency guidelines project (2005)

Researcher: Dr. Aleksandr Melnikov (2000 - 2001)
Project: An investigation of the ways that the culture of the Esperanto speech community is reflected in Esperanto texts, especially those in the various literary genres. Dr. Melnikov's research is based on analyses of hundreds of original books and articles in Esperanto and includes consideration of aspects of language such as word play, phraseology, literary allusions and institutional knowledge. This research study was published in Russian in late 2003; an abridged Esperanto version was also published in 2004.
Grant Award: $8,500

Researchers: Dr. Alvino E. Fantini & Dr. Timothy G. Reagan
Project: Esperanto and Education: Toward a Research Agenda



Publication of UEA en konscio de esperantistoj : $1560

  • Zbigniew Galor, Jukka Pietiläinen. KAVA-PECH. Dobřichovice. 2015. 167 p. 15.00 €. ISBN: 9788087169551. " 

Publication of  Gvidlibro tra Esperantio. (konciza leksikono de la Esperanto-kulturo: esperantonimoj, realioj kaj flugilhavaj vortoj). Aleksandro S. Melnikov. Rostov-na-Donu. 2015. 527 p. Price: 39.00 €. ISBN: 9785986151472." 

Distribution of Historio de Esperanto-literaturo (LF-koop) to institutions and libraries: $2000


Mélanie Maradan: 1100 €                           

  • Participation in summer terminological training seminar, Vienna

Aleksander Korĵenkov and Halina Goretska: 2900 €                   

  • Publication of an encyclopedia entitled Nia diligenta kolegaro (2014)

Angela Tellier: 805 GBP

  • Publication on the linguist William Collinson.

Bengt-Arne Wickström kaj Dr. Michele Gazzola: $2000

  • organisation of a semiary “Economics, Linguistic Justice and Language Policy”, Marĉ 2015, Humboldt University, Germaniy 


Peter Zilvar/Zofia Kóródy, Herzberg Esperanto Center (Germany):  1190 €

  • A scanning  project the collection of Scienca Revuo (2013)

Federico Gobbo: 1000 €                                          

  • grant for university instruction in Torino

Petro Baláž: 1400 €

  • Seminary on WikiTrans, Slovakia

Michele Gazzola: 2222 €                  

  • "Trarigardo" project


Zbignew Galor : 1232 €       

  • Book "UEA en Konscio de Esperantistoj"

New York Office of the World Esperanto Association 

Publication of proceedings of a conference on “Language and the United Nations” organized by the New York office of the Universal Esperanto Association


Senad Ĉoliĉ : 500 €

  • Acts of the conference "Eŭropa Unio… kulturaj aspektoj"

Federico Gobbo : 1260 €          

  • Frederico Gobbo, University of Insubria, Italy: Course on interlinguistics and Esperanto studies (2012)

Petro Baláž : 600 €                                                               

  • Bibliography "Esperantisto Slovaka"

Marian Vochin: 600 €                                                         

  • Research at the headquarters of the World Esperanto Association about the history of Esperanto in Romania

Sabine Fiedler (University of Leipzig): 800 €                                                

  • Publication of "Sprachraum Europa – Alles Englisch oder …?" a volume edited by Ines-Andrea Busch-Lauer and Sabine Fiedler (University of Leipzig), published in Germany by Frank und Timme

Esperanto-Ligo de Bosnio kaj Hercevino

  • Esperanto League of Bosnia and Herzegovina: for publication of the proceedings of the Sarajevo Round Table on “The European Union, linguistic and cultural aspects yesterday, today, tomorrow"


Stefan Panka: 1000€                                    

  • Karl‐Hermann Simon: publication of essay collection on forestry  terminology (2010)

Aleksandr Korĵenkov: 1000 €                     

  • 2nd edition of Zamenhof Bibliography 

Marek Blahuš : 1480 €         

  • Support of project for the analysis of Zamenhof’s address collections of early  Esperantists  (2010)

Peter Zilvar/Zófia Kóródy : 1200€ 

  • Esperanto‐Gesellschaft Südharz for a computerized Esperanto Platform in  the Herzberg Public Museum, Herzberg, Germany
  • Esperanto symposium

Claude Gaconde : 1000 €     

  • Creation of a catalogue for Asocio de Amikoj de CDELI 


Aleksandr Melnikov : 1480 €                      

  • Dictionary "Vortaro de Esperantonimoj"

Petro Baláž : 2300 €                                     

  • Online Project “Bretaro” (

Useni Radjaban: 296 €            

  • Comparison between the ENgliŝ and Esperanto in Esperanto clubs of Tanzania

Heidi Goes : 500 €                                                    

  • Travel to Indonesia (and filming of her courses there)


Italian Esperanto Federation

Publication of an Italian translation of Humphrey Tonkin’s Lingvo kaj socio (2006), by Edizioni Eva in 2009; edited by Carlo Minnaja and translated by Elvia Belluco

Heidi Goes: 500 €                                         

  • Research on Esperanto in Indonesia 

Ilona Koutny: 1480€

  • German-Esperanto-Polsh pocket dictionary on language and communication

Aleksander Korĵenkov: 2000 €       

  • Aleksander Korjhenkov, Publication of Biography of Zamenhof (Aleksander Korĵenkov: Zamenhof. Biografia Skizo. Sezonoj, with Litova Esperanto-Asocio, 2010. 64 pages. ISBN 978-609-95087-3-3) (2008, 2010)

Purchase of copies of Andreas Künzli’s encyclopedia on planned languages in Switzerland, for distribution to major research libraries in Europe and North America 

Petro Chrdle: 2000 €                                    

  • Support for the creation of a museum of Esperanto in the Czech town of Česká Třebová, to provide exhibition space for the large collection of Esperanto materials already housed in the town library


Ionel Onet : 600 €                                         

  • Bibliography of Romanian Literature in Esperanto 

Wim Jansen: 450 €                                       

  • Publication of doctor thesis 

Endre Dudich : 2080 €                                   

  • Publication of the catalogue of the Fajszi Collection at the National Library of Foreign Literature, Budapest

Ilona Koutny

Symposium and publication on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the university’s Interlinguistics Program at University of Poznan (2008)




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