2020 ESF Update

by Grant Goodall (in Esperanto)

Update on Tekstaro.com and PIV 2020

by Bertilo Wennegren (in Esperanto)

Tivadar Soros Lecture Series

Through support provided by the Soros family, the Esperantic Studies Foundation recently sponsored the Tivadar Soros Lectures, presented at the City University of New York. We are now able to make available these interviews with four of the lecturers.

Esther Schor

Ulrich Lins

Ulrich Becker

Michael Gordin

Statement of purpose

ESF works to further the understanding and practice of linguistic justice in a multicultural world.

We aim to develop and support excellence in scholarship, education, and interlingual communication.

Our priorities and values are shaped through engagement with the worldwide community of Esperanto speakers, as well as with researchers, educators and activists in many language-related fields.

  • Students at Poznan Interlinguistics Program (photo: Ilona Koutny)

Esperanto history and its place in society

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donors_treffle_mercierI don't hesitate to support ESF, because for me, this foundation is the most important and effective for spreading Esperanto and getting people to accept it. You only need to take a look at the various activities that ESF supports, to understand that the money donated to this foundation is well used and bears concrete and useful fruits.

(Trefflé Mercier, Canada)


donors_fernando_maia_jrI donate to ESF because I agree with and trust the work that they fund. ESF runs and supports some of the most important spaces for Esperanto on the internet, always with a modern eye and inspiring results

(Fernando Maia Jr., Brazil)

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