IfI (Information for Interlinguists) is a publication by the Center for Research and Documentation on World Language Problems (CED) and the Esperantic Studies Foundation (ESF), for all those interested in news and developments in the fields of interlinguistics. The publication is available for free in English (below) and in Esperanto (click here to access). To submit materials and to receive the publication by email, please write to ifi@esperantic.orgDeadline for the next issue: March 31st, 2018

Archive of  Information for Interlinguists 

IFI 1/2018

1. Editorial
2. Recent Publications
3. Multilingualism in International Organizations and in International Co-operation
4. IpI kaj IfI available through the Juan Régulo Pérez Library
5. Scholarly meetings at the Japanese Esperanto Congress
6. Gesellschaft für Interlinguistik organizes annbual conference.
7. International Summer School – Language Policy and Language Planning: education, languages and migrations
8. The new Princeton Handbook of World Poetries (2016) features Esperanto
9. New meeting-place for Esperanto events at Jagiellonian University
10. University activity in Iran
11. University of Seville: new courses
12. A note from Bulgaria
13. Italy: Esperanto a topic in a political science conference
14. Edition Iltis 1997-2017 bids goodbye
15. Language Problems and Language Planning 41:2, 41:3 : Table of Contents
16. Assembly of the Friends of CDELI, with lecture by Dr. Sébastien Moret: “Why Did Esperanto Win?”
17. Paris: Conference Globalization, Internet and the UNESCO Courier
18. Rome: Exhibition and colloquium honor Zamenhof
19. Languages and the First World War
20. Principal scholarly contributions of Aleksandro S. Melnikov to interlinguistics and Esperantology

IFI 2/2017

1. Editorial
2. Recent Publications
Doctoral Dissertation
3. Open Day at the Universal Esperanto Association, 25 November 2017
4. Table of Contents: Papers from the International Congress University, Seoul, 2017
5. Call for Papers: III International Conference on Economic, Business, Financial and Institutional Translation, Alicante.
6. Annual meeting of the Centre for Research and Documentation on World Language Problems (CED)
7. Report by Dr. Federico Gobbo, holder of the special chair in interlinguistics and Esperanto at the University of Amsterdam
8. Call for Papers: Language And Borders: Rethinking Mobility, Migration And Space, Bristol.
9. YouTube channel with all talks at the Summer School on Linguistic Policy, Linguistic Planning and Evaluation
10. 3rd Conference on Contested Languages in the Old World (CLOW3)
11. Abstract: Raising children’s metalinguistic awareness to enhance classroom second language learning
12. Stipendiary Buchanan Graduate Teaching Fellowship in Esperanto / Constructed Languages / Language Planning
13. Contents: Language Problems and Language Planning
14. The new Tekstaro.com has more of Zamenhof’s writings, new capabilities, and is faster!
15. Recent publications by Bernhard Tuider (Director, Planned Languages Collection, Austrian National Library)
16. Rethinking the world through language: the role of Esperanto in modern Japanese history
17. 20 Years of Interlinguistic Studies at Poznan
18. The Present State and Development of the Teaching of Esperanto as an International Language Across the World: A University Symposium.
19. International Academy of Sciences San Marino meets in Warsaw.

IFI 1/2017

1. Editorial
2. Symposium on Language, the Sustainable Development Goals, and Vulnerable Populations
3. Future Conferences and other events
4. Esperantic Studies Foundation and the University of Costa Rica announce an LPP Summer School
5. Call for Papers
6. British Association for Applied Linguistics founded
7. New President for the Center for Applied Linguistics
8. The 6th Global Esperanto Examinations are complete and a series of individual sessions begins
9. In memoriam: André Albault (1923-2017)
10. Recent Publications
11. Language Problems and Language Planning 41:1 and 41:2 (2017)
12. Esperantic Studies Foundation appoints a new Executive Director
13. Languages of Internationalism, University of London
14. The Interlinguistic Studies program in Poznan is now accepting applications for 2017-2020

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