Donate to the Esperanto in the USA fund (Matched by ESF)

Double the Value of Your Donation!

Donations to the "Esperanto in the USA" fund will be matched up to $5,000 by the Esperantic Studies Foundation (ESF).  Donate today to double your support for the many worthwhile projects Esperanto-USA will undertake using your generous donation.  Donations are tax deductible. (Don't forget to donate to the other important E-USA funds for which ESF does not provide a matching donation.  Those funds need your support too.)

Donate by Check

Make the check payable to: Esperantic Studies Foundation. Mail the check to ESF, 638 Greenwood Circle, Cary, NC 27511. In the memo field, indicate that the donation is for Esperanto in the USA. Sending a check avoids the credit card and PayPal fees.


Giving by Credit Cards (One-time or Monthly)

By becoming a donor, you not only help with important E-USA initiative, you show your commitment to the future of Esperanto in the USA.

Online donations:

Please make your one-time or monthly donation using Zeffy. Zeffy does not charge a transaction fee.

You are still welcome to donate using PayPal. Make donations to PayPal charges 4% of your donation so we ask that you donate via Zeffy or by check whenever possible.

How Your Donation Is Used

The expected $10,000 in the “Esperanto in the USA” fund will be used for projects Esperanto-USA deems to be important to the further development of the Esperanto movement in North America such as:

  1. Supporting the American Good Film Festival
  2. Supporting and developing youth leaders
  3. Fostering and strengthening local groups
  4. Developing and maintaining a strong regional support network for local groups
  5. Providing opportunities for young Esperantists to travel to Esperanto events both national and international
  6. Promoting face-to-face events where Esperantist can improve their language skills, make valuable contacts and participate in the meaningful ways with the Esperanto community and on projects that make the world a better place
  7. Making the annual congress a “not to miss” event for Esperantists young and old
  8. Joining with the Canadian Esperanto Association and the Mexican Esperanto Federation in projects for the benefit of Esperantists throughout North America

ESF has kindly agreed to administer the Esperanto in the USA fund and to cover the administrative expenses so 100% of the donations, including the matching amounts, will go to projects.  For information on how donations to the Esperanto in the USA fund are being used, contact Bill Harris, Director of the Central Office of E-USA, at E-USA Central Office.

End of the Year Tax Receipt

If you would like a tax receipt, send a request to: chuck.mays (at) or by mail to ESF at 638 Greenwood Cir, Cary, NC 27511. Receipts will be sent in January of the year following when your donation was made.

If you donate using Zeffy, Zeffy will send you a tax donation receipt.

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