Project Coordinator: Dr. Katalin Kovats

ESF Investment as of Sept. 2013: approx. $445,000, an initiative of ESF, was developed as a global instructional resource site for teachers and learners of Esperanto.

The website is currently in its 3rd version. This last version was enabled by the users’ financial support and launched in October, 2010. Since 2010, ESF finances the site’s editing and some services, such as the scientific corner which collects information and samples from diploma theses in and about Esperanto.

An international team of educators and programmers has expanded to include an interactive catalog of approx. 450 publications related to the teaching of Esperanto, and a database of more than 800 downloadable resources (for example, different types of exercises at various language skill levels, tests, and sound files) contributed by participating educators. Appropriate items can be found rapidly by the use of a set of search functions.

The “reading room” of the site contains a rich collection of articles related to pedagogy and teaching methods. also includes a calendar of courses, a list of schools where Esperanto is taught, and a “workshop” where colleagues can exchange ideas, course materials, and lesson plans. The correspondence service is also popular for those seeking contacts with Esperanto speakers from other countries and/or cultures.

There is a notice board, a discussion forum, and a service for providing responses to questions about methodology or grammar.
In April, 2011, has launced a complex online course RITE – Reta instruista Trajnado ĉe consisting of 100 study units in 7 subject. The course is lead by a partner organization, E-duKati, and some well known Esperantists are among the team. The aim of the course is to enable a complex way of studying methodology and other completing subjects (partially, pre-programmed, partially under an individual guidance), set up practical exercises and lead courses by distance instruction and advice. actively cooperates with UEA—the World Esperanto Association—and it became a center for the organization of Esperanto exams according to Common European Framework of Reference. Its website section gives basic information, samples, collects sign ups and informs about the statistics and examination calendar. More info: offers to its users an educational game RISKO. It started in April 2013, and over 800 people have already participated in it.

A collection of materials for beginners from was published with the title “Posxamiko” (“Pocket Friend”). It has been very successful and is now in its fourth edition. has a community of over 4400 members  (from more than 100 countries) who can request notification about newly published materials, maintaining current knowledge of available resources. At international meetings and congresses the team of regularly teaches popular language courses at various levels.

In 2016, the website has launched the project Ekparolu! that enables the beginners to speak on Skype with more experienced Esperantists. The "nephews and nieces" can receive up to 10 free sessions with the "uncles and aunts" who were trained by 

The website is currently under guidance and control of the Foundation whose director is Dr. Katalin Kováts, a specialist in language learning and teacher preparation. Dr Kováts continues to expand the site. She is a native of Hungary, and currently resides in the Netherlands.


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