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This page offers information about organizations, libraries, and online resources on Esperanto and the field of Interlinguistics.


dictionaryCorpora and dictionaries

Information on Esperanto corpora, including Textaro, and Online Esperanto dictionaries



librariesLibraries and Special Collections

Information on physical libraries and special collections in and about Esperanto and other constructed languages, located in North America, Europe, and New Zealand




A roster of foundations and centers for research and teaching of Esperanto.



online resourcesOnline resources

A plethora of online resources on Esperanto and Interliguistics, including virtual libraries, index pages, online grammar books, mailing lists and a virtual school.



bibliographiesPrint, CD-ROM and Online Bibliographies

A collection of print, CD-ROM and online bibliographies




A list of publishers with thematic lists in Esperanto, interliguistics and other related fields


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