Grants Approved 2022

General Support Fund (GSF):

Education: To Anna Lowenstein to support admin and server costs for UEA.Facila.

Education / Conservation: To for development of an app to promote the learning and use of endangered languages.

Conservation / Research: To the Dokumenta Esperanto-Centro en Croatia to publish a biography of Russian Esperantists.


Interlinguistics Support Fund (ISF):

Research / Education: To Yauheniya Hudziyeva for travel assistance to attend the Association for Asian Studies conference (AAS 2022) and to present a paper on Esperantists in colonial Taiwan as well as the significance of sennaciismo thought in the context of linguistic and cultural imperialism.

Research:  To Xavi Alcalde to acquire documents from archives in Netherlands and the UK for research into the use of Esperanto by War Resisters International; Specifically documents about the international pacifist association following the first world war with the Esperanto language name Peace.

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