Project Coordinator: Erin Piateski

ESF Investment: approx. $765,000

Lernu.net is a free website for learning Esperanto. ESF has funded this innovative project since 2002 and the directors of the foundation continue to provide active guidance with respect to its future development.

The site provides information about Esperanto itself, and about reasons for learning it, but the main goal of lernu! is the instruction of Esperanto. lernu! provides every resource that one needs to reach a high level of Esperanto - from nothing. The site contains learning tools, tools of assistance, tools for communication, and things to read, so that users not only learn Esperanto, but also practice it. Lernu.net is useable in Esperanto and over 40 national languages. Translations are done by countless volunteer translators.

The learning resources at Lernu.net include multi-media courses, exercises, games, and exams. Many courses are currently available on the site. The majority are geared to a basic or intermediate level, but there are also some courses that have advanced-level material. All incorporate multiple instructional methods and students receive support and guidance from designated tutors. Lernu.net also offers virtual lessons where students can meet with instructors in a virtual classroom environment and all participants can communicate freely with one another in real-time.

Other useful features on the Lernu.net site include comprehensive multi-lingual dictionaries, an instant messaging chat system and libraries containing user-submitted examples of Esperanto culture: e.g., literature, music and films. lernu’s educational resources and its community of users are constantly expanding. At present, the site logs close to 200,000 visitors per month.

Lernu.net is currently undergoing a complete redesign and expansion that will feature new courses, new features and additional services.

Visit the lernu!-community at www.lernu.net (there are more than 200,000 registered users as of December 2015).

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