Esperantologio/Esperanto Studies (EES)

Esperantologio / Esperanto Studies (EES) is a peer-reviewed journal that promotes an interdisciplinary understanding of all phenomena related to Esperanto and Interlinguistics more broadly. It therefore welcomes original research on the linguistic, historical, literary, psychological, sociological and political aspects of Esperanto. In addition to research articles and book reviews, EES also publishes more experimental manuscripts about ongoing projects and selected contributions from the Esperanto Studies Conferences.
The key goal of EES is to stimulate new approaches to Esperanto Studies, as well as to support interdisciplinary exchanges and collaboration in the field. Constructive feedback from EES’s Editorial Board and reviewers aims to help researchers improve their work so that, in the future, they can also publish their contributions in peer-reviewed journals in other languages.
EES is published under the auspices of CED since 2019. Its current editors are Guilherme Fians and Klaus Schubert.

All published issues of EES, together with a general description of the journal and guidelines for contributors, can be found on the website for CED.

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