Print, CD-ROM and Online Bibliographies

  • The MLA Bibliography: The Modern Languages Association of America’s International Bibliography of Books and Articles on the Modern Languages and Literatures contains a reliable section on “International and Auxiliary Languages”, running to between 300 and 400 items per year, most of them on Esperanto. It is available in many university libraries in bound form or on CD-ROM.
  • The Bibliography of Linguistic Literature (BLL; Section: Plansprachen/Artificial languages), published in Frankfurt by Klostermann.
  • The Bibliographie linguistique de l’année… et complément des années précédentes, Section: Interlinguistics [planned languages] – Interlinguistique [langues planifiées], published in Utrecht by Spectrum on behalf of the Comité International Permanent des Linguistes.
  • Introductory bibliography by Mark Fettes
  • A more detailed survey of the field, containing over 600 items, can be found in Detlev Blanke’s contribution to the 1995-96 MLA bibliography, published in “Informilo por Interlingvistoj” 22-23 (1997). In IPI 24 (1998) Blanke presents a selected multilingual bibliography of works on terminology science and “language for special purposes” in Esperanto; IPI 25 lists a number of recent university theses and the contents of several new monographs; and IPI 26 includes a concise up-to-date bibliography on the pioneer of terminology science Eugen Wüster.

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