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Esperantic Studies (18), Spring 2006

1. Universal Interactivity: Utilika Foundation
2. Nitobe Centre For Language Democracy
3. Esperantic Studies Foundation Annual Report 2005
4. New Publications
5. Interlinguistic Websites
6. Interlinguistic Events

In This Issue

Establishing A World Where Universal Interactivity Is The Norm
Imagine that any two or more persons on Earth, across all boundaries, might converse, work, and play together at will, and that intelligent machines might understand and creatively organize to serve aspirations expressed by human beings. These were once absurd ideas, but are now becoming serious plans.

New Language Policy Website Seeks To Raise Awareness Of Language Problems And Inequities In The European Union
The Nitobe Centre for Language Democracy seeks to raise the level and intensity of public and political debate over language policy in a unifying Europe, with a view to developing a common, constructive, realistic language policy framework that would balance the protection and celebration of linguistic diversity with the need for effective, high-quality communication amongst all the citizens of the EU.

Esperantic Studies (17), Fall/Winter 2005

1. European Languages Under Threat
2. Language Policy Implications of EU Expansion
3. Esperanto Learning Standards For K-16 in the US
4. New Publications
5. Interlinguistic Websites

Esperantic Studies (16), Spring 2005

1. Global Interkulturo Program
2. Annual Report 2004
3. Upcoming Global Events
4. New Publications
5. Interlinguistic Websites

Esperantic Studies (15), Winter 2003/Spring 2004

1. ESF Annual Report 2003
2. Interview with interlinguist Liu Haitao
3. Upcoming Global Events
4. New Publications
5. Interlinguistic Websites

Esperantic Studies (14), Spring 2003

1. New Interlingual Technology:
2. ESF Annual Report 2002
3. Nord-Amerika Somera Kursaro (NASK)
4. Upcoming Global Events
5. New Publications
6. Interlinguistic Websites

Esperantic Studies (13), Summer 2002

1. News From Nowhere? A Re-Introduction
2. Learning Esperanto On The Internet
3. ESF Annual Report 2001
4. Educational Opportunities
5. Upcoming Conferences
6. New Publications

Esperantic Studies (12), Winter 1999

1. Conference Report: Language in the 21st Century
2. News Notes: Dictionary, Series, Classes
3. Towards an Interlingual Internet
4. Interlingual Research Grants

Esperantic Studies (11), Spring 1999

1. Crystal’s Ball and the Ecology of English: An Essay Review
2. Dissertations on Esperanto Studies
3. Journals: Interlinguistic/Esperantologie; Esperantologio
4. Web Watch: Language/Power; Translation
5. Summer College Esperanto Courses

Esperantic Studies (10), Winter 1998

1. The Challenge of Interlingualism: A Research Invitation
2. Related Research
3. Conference: When Languages Collide

Esperantic Studies (9), Winter/Spring 1998

1. Student Diversity in Esperanto Learning
2. Locating Materials: The MLA Bibliography
3. Book Review: Esperanto and Interlinguistics
4. Book Review: Umberto Eco and Perfect Language
5. Congress of Applied Linguistics
6. Internet Forum: Interlinguistics
7. Web Watch: Broadcasting

Esperantic Studies (8), Spring 1997

1. Review Article: UN and Language Rights
2. Conference: Language and the Internet
3. University Esperanto Courses
4. Web Watch

Esperantic Studies (7), Winter 1996

1. Esperanto Speakers Define Mission
2. Conference: Language Rights and Responsibilities
3. Languages in Cyberspace: E-Babel
4. Ivo Lapenna Scholarship
5. Summer Esperanto Courses
6. Language Status Now Available
7. Ethnographic Study Available
8. Reported Without Comment

Esperantic Studies (6), Spring 1996

1. Linguistic Rights: A Challenge for the UN?
2. Which Language First? For a Euro Esperanto Experiment
3. Language Problems of Foreign Correspondents
4. What Does Foreign Language Teaching Accomplish?
5. Typing Esperanto in the ASCII Character Set

Esperantic Studies (5), Spring 1995

1. Language Choice and Game Theory
2. Radical Party
3. Umberto Eco on Esperanto
4. Power of Babel
5. Center for Research and Documentation
6. Publications

Esperantic Studies (4), Spring 1994

1. U.N. University Rector on the World Language Problem
2. Conferences Examine Language in the New Europe
3. Review: Esperanto: Language, Literature and Community
4. World Language Problems Papers Series Available
5. Esperanto and Education: Toward a Research Agenda

Esperantic Studies (3), Summer 1992

1. Language Futures
2. Multilingual Machine Translation
3. Interfering With Interference
4. Speaking Through an Interpreter …?
5. Book Reviews

Esperantic Studies (2), Winter 1992

1. Ex Uno Plura?
2. Language in the Electronic World
3. What is Colloquial Esperanto?

Esperantic Studies (1), Spring 1991

1. Introducing Ourselves…
2. Time To Learn Asian Latin?
3. Two Languages For The Price Of One? The Proaedeutic Puzzle
4. Anthropologists Demand Language Rights For Native Americans
5. Recent Research in Interlinguistics

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