A Summer Full of Esperanto!

Many Esperanto-related activities are taking place this summer! What a great opportunity to participate, to meet like-minded individuals, and to learn about ESF, interlinguistics and Esperanto education and research. Many of these events are organized, sponsored or attended by ESF. Take the opportunity to meet the ESF president, Humphrey Tonkin, and the ESF board during the USA-Canada National Esperanto Congress in Seattle and during the World Esperanto Congress in Lisbon (be sure to attend our presentation and visit our information table there!). This is a special year for ESF and hope you can join with us this summer as we celebrate ESF’s 50th anniversary.

– USA-Canada National Esperanto Congress  (July 13-16, Seattle, United States). Topic: “Building and Enjoying an Esperanto Community.” Website: https://landakongreso.org/

– NASK: Nord-Amerika Somera Kursaro — North American Summer Esperanto Institute (July 3-12, Raleigh, United States). Instructors: Thomas Alexander, Katalin Kováts, Anna Lowenstein, José Antonio Vergara. Guest lecturer: Renato Corsetti. Website: http://nask.esperanto-usa.org/venonta/

– 103th World Esperanto Congress (July 28 – August 4, Lisbon, Portugal). Topic: “Cultures, Languages, Globalization. Where now?” Website: https://uea.org/kongres/UK/2018

– Esperantology Conference (August 2, Lisbon, Portugal), conducted as a part of activities of the World Esperanto Congress, under the auspices of UEA and CED and in tribute to the life and work of Detlev Blanke. Website: http://ek2018.kulturo.net/

– Nitobe symposium (4-5 of August, Lisbon, Portugal), immediately after the World Esperanto Congress. Topic: “Teaching and Research on Esperanto in the Context of Interlinguistics, Sociolinguistics, and the Social Sciences.” Website: https://www.esperantic.org/en/2018/05/07/nitobe-lisbono/

Note: Read more about all these events in the bulletin “Information for Interlinguists” (IfI): To sign up, please write to ifi@esperantic.org.

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