The Interlinguistic Studies program in Poznan is now accepting applications for 2017-2020

Join a new group of students for the unique Interlinguistic Studies program in Poznan, Poland, for the 2017-2020 academic period, and celebrate the program’s 20th anniversary during the Fourth Interlinguistics Symposium this September!

Once every three years a new group begins its studies as part of the Interlinguistic Studies program at Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU) in Poznan, and the next opportunity to be a part of this program will be this coming September. One of the most prestigious universities in Poland, AMU offers a unique three-year external interlinguistics and esperantology graduate program taught entirely in Esperanto! This special program was officially approved 20 years ago; the first group beginning its studies in 1998, and the sixth group to graduate in September 2017. To mark this occasion, there will be a special celebration during the Fourth Interlinguistics Symposium (September 21-22th, 2017). The celebration will follow the first Interlinguistic Studies session and is before the traditional cultural festival called Arkones.

The Interlinguistic Studies Program takes place at the Institute of Linguistics at AMU under the leadership of Ilona Koutny. A number of world-famous specialists on Esperanto have taught and continue to teach at the Interlinguistic Studies program (Duncan Charters, Renato Corsetti, Probal Dasgupta, Sabine Fiedler and Humphrey Tonkin, to name only a few). The program gives an overview of general and applied linguistics to build a good basis for studying the linguistic aspects of Esperanto. It focuses on international and intercultural communication, examines planned languages and analyzes grammar, literature, culture and history of Esperanto.During the third year, one can specialize in communications, linguistics, literature, translation, planned linguistic languages or language pedagogy.

The program includes week-long intensive sessions consisting of on-site courses in four subject areas, plus exams. These sessions take place once a semester in Poznan at the end of September and beginning of February. In between sessions, students study at home, individually, and online in consultation with the teachers. Students prepare a final thesis and, after successful completion of a final exam, receive a certificate from UAM.

The application deadline for the academic period 2017-2020 is August 15th, 2017, and the first session will take place from September 16th to September 22th, 2017. The requirements to join the program are a university diploma and a good knowledge of Esperanto. The fees for one semester are 1850 PLN (approx. 460 EUR), reduced to 700 PLN  (approx. 175 EUR) for people from “B countries”*. A few scholarships are available from the Esperantic Studies Foundation (ESF).

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* according to the classification of the World Esperanto Association (

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