AMU Poznan continues for 2016-2017!

Two years ago ESF launched the campaign “AMU Poznanon” to find additional funding for the Interlinguistic Study Program in Poznan (Poland) at the Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU). ESF has been a long-time supporter of students for this three-year graduate program in the prestigious and second largest university in Poland, and the purpose of the AMU Poznan campaign is to collect, with the help of Esperantists, an additional $5,000 for this unique program. The two first years of this campaign proved to be very successful, thanks to generous donations of Esperanto speakers, and ESF is happy to announce that it will continue this program for the academic year 2016-2017 as well, with the same ambitious goal: to collect an additional $5,000 for the Interlinguistic Study Program at AMU, so the program can expand and grow.

The AMU Poznan campaign works like this: each donation for this campaign gets doubled by ESF up to a maximum of $2500, so that the Interlinguistic Study Program receives an extra  $5000 in addition to ESF’s regular funding. The AMU Poznan program was launched at a good time, as last year’s group is the largest one so far – which also necessitates greater financial support to its students. Many students enrolled in this program come from developing countries, and some of them have to travel thousands of miles to come to Poznan twice a year for the biannual face-to-face sessions. This is why additional support is especially needed now.

This fall, at the beginning of the 3rd year of this program which was particularly interesting thanks to the coinciding of the fall session with the cultural festival Arkones, ESF invites Esperantists to participate once again in the AMU Poznan campaign, or make a general donation to ESF in support of existing projects funded by ESF, such as and, and to help ESF invest in new promising initiatives. If studying interlinguistics and Esperanto appeals to you, consider joining the next group, which will start in 2017. We thank all our current donors and all the future donors who will give to this and other ESF programs and initiatives.

How to donate to AMU Poznan: 

• Online:

• Through UEA: account esfo-p – please write to, cc to, and ask to transfer a donation from your account to ESF account, for “AMU Poznan”.

Make a general donation to ESF:

• Online:

• Through UEA:  account esfo-p, please write to, cc to

More info on Interlinguistic Study Program:

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