NASK and KTF together again!

The North American Summer Esperanto Institute (NASK) once again this year joins efforts with the Esperanto Performing Arts and Film Festival and invites you to one of the most outstanding events in Esperanto-land! NASK is the longest-running North American Esperanto course and one of the most important programs supported by Esperantic Studies Foundation (ESF). It is a unique educational event that attracts a broad range of students and professional instructors from around the world.

The course in 2016, for the third time, will take place on the beautiful green campus of William Peace University in Raleigh, North Carolina. Just as in 2015, NASK will join efforts with the Esperanto Performing Arts and Film Festival (Kino-Teatro-Festo – KTF) so students can participate in many of the KTF activities and see the final products of the KTF workshops. The full eight day program runs from June 28 to July 7 and the shorter version runs from June 28 to July 3. Other activities will include exploration of the city’s wonderful museums, restaurants, and shopping, all within walking distance of the campus. Both groups can also be a part of the nearby 4th of July celebrations, with fireworks!

Each year we ask famous instructors and Esperantists from around the world to come teach at NASK, and we are pleased to have an outstanding team again in 2016! Bertilo Wennergren will be in charge of the advanced course. Member of the Akademio de Esperanto, the Esperantist of the Year 2006 and accomplished musician, Bertilo is the author of the renownedPlena Manlibro de Esperanta Gramatiko, Detala Gramatiko de Esperanto, and Landoj kaj Lingvoj de la Mondo. Tim Morley will head the intermediate course. A TEFL teacher, he has led numerous Esperanto projects, including the Esperanto translation of OpenOffice, and he teaches Esperanto at (recently, his adaptation of the notorious game Cards Against Humanity has proved hugely popular at a number of Esperanto events in Europe). Ĵenja Bondelid (“Helena” from the video course Esperanto – Pasporto al la Tuta Mondo) will teach the post-beginner course. Founder of Esperanto Performing Arts and Film Festival, Jennifer received her degree in teaching Esperanto from Principia College; she directs, choreographs, and performs on the local stage in Washington State. Lee Miller, interpreter of American Sign Language, will lead the post-beginner course (Lee has participated in NASK since 2000 and now he is one of its leaders).  Hoss Firooznia, the editor of the official publication of Esperanto-USA, will edit the course newspaper La NASKa Fasko and will lead the extracurricular programs

The basic cost for 8 days of NASK/KTF is $760 (USD), 4 days NASK/KTF $430 until the 15th of March ($50 will be added for late registrants). Some scholarships are available for full-time students, instructors, as well as applicants from Latin America. For more information, visit (NASK) and (KTF). The registration form is available upon request from the course Administrator, Ellen Eddy, at

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