Another successful year for ESF

We are coming to the end of another successful year for ESF, the Esperantic Studies Foundation.  Among the numerous activities and organizations supported by ESF, directly or indirectly, were the North American Esperanto Institute (NASK), the web-based program for learning Esperanto Lernu.netthe annual symposium at the United Nations on language and the UN, the education website edukado.netthe Centre for Research and Documentation on World Language Problems (CED), the Adam Mickiewicz University courses in interlinguistics in Poznan, and several book-length publications.

ESF plays a significant role in innovation in the Esperanto movement, as the language community moves from a traditional text-based model to a newer web-based form – and the centre of gravity passes to a generation that has come to maturity in this new environment.  Equally significant is our role in raising questions in the field of language policy and pushing the debate beyond the conventional.  We do what we do because of the devoted attention of our staff and our board, and the generous support of those who understand that the future of Esperanto and Esperantic studies depends on constant adaptation to changing circumstances.

Happy New Year, and thank you for your support in 2015 and your continued support for our efforts in 2016!

Humphrey Tonkin,

ESF President

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