Encyclopedia of Leading Esperanto Speakers Published

NDK nia diligenta kolegaroWith the assistance of a grant from the Esperantic Studies Foundation, Russian journalists Halina Goretska and Aleksander Korzhenkov have recently published Nia Diligenta Kolegaro, a compilation of detailed biographies of 200 leading Esperanto speakers from the beginning of the language down to today. Included are Esperanto activists in the organization of the Esperanto movement, and in such fields as publicity (from journalism and radio to social media), education, science, politics, business, and the arts (literature, music, theatre, the visual arts). Each entry includes a photograph of the individual and a bibliography of works by and about the individual in question. The 320-page encyclopedia took several years and extensive research to compile, covering the language from its beginnings in 1887 down to today. Halina Goretska is the editor and Aleksander Korzhenkov the publisher of the popular independent monthly magazine La Ondo de Esperanto. Among Korzhenkov’s earlier works is a comprehensive biography of L.L. Zamenhof, Esperanto’s founder (Homarano, 2009).

“A work of this magnitude could not see the light of day without support for the research involved,” commented Humphrey Tonkin, president of the the Esperantic Studies Foundation, adding, “We at ESF were delighted to be able to assist in this important project.”

[Gorecka, Halina; Korĵenkov, Aleksander. Nia diligenta kolegaro: Biografioj de 200 eminentaj esperantistoj. Kaliningrado: Sezonoj; Kaunas: LEA, 2018.  Further details at: http://esperanto-ondo.ru/Knigi/Kniga120.htm]

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