Esperantic Studies Foundation Promotes Language Learning in the USA

A recent grant by the Esperantic Studies Foundation (ESF) to Esperanto USA, the national association of Esperanto speakers, is intended to lend support to E-USA’s efforts to serve new learners of Esperanto in the US. Over one million people have downloaded the Duolingo Esperanto-learning app designed for speakers of English, many of them in the United States.

“These Esperanto learners are acquiring the language in relative isolation,” points out Charles O. Mays, the Foundation’s executive director. “Esperanto USA can help put them in touch with the vibrant Esperanto-speaking community here in the States and across the world,” he adds, “and this grant will help finance new initiatives to that end.”

In addition to its support for other organizations’ language-learning initiatives, the Foundation is the principal sponsor of the North American Summer Esperanto Institute, an annual summer program to strengthen knowledge of Esperanto. This year’s institute will take place at William Peace University, Raleigh, North Carolina, from July 3 to July 12 (

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