Lernu.net: new and improved!

The team of lernu.net is happy to announce the full relaunch of the site. The new lernu.net has an interesting new Esperanto course with hundreds of exercises, illustrations and a large searchable library. The site has been fully modernized and is compatible with new browsers and web technologies which didn’t exist when the previous version of the site was launched.

The new site’s full 26-lesson course is based on a story by the renowned author Anna Löwenstein, with exercises by educator Birke Dockhorn. The course contains abundant exercises, illustrations and sounds, and it follows the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The new course also includes a detailed Esperanto grammar and a revamped forum system, dictionaries and translation function. We continue to add new materials and functions to the new site, so come back to visit often to see the changes and improvements! The team is also looking for translators to complete the existing translations of the site and add new languages; you can register as a translator at lernu.traduko.net

Please come by and get acquainted with the new site!

Lernu.net came into being and continues to exist thanks to generous support from ESF which, in turn, depends on generous donations from Esperanto speakers and supporters. You can make a donation to support ESF and its projects such as Lernu.net at esperantic.org/donations

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