The Centre For Research and Documentation on World Language Problems

The Centre for Research and Documentation on World Language Problems (CED) was founded in 1952, at the initiative of the Universal Esperanto Association, to promote the scholarly study of Esperanto “and its diverse applications in all spheres of life”; to ensure the compilation and editing of reliable documentation on Esperanto; and to support efforts to present the facts about Esperanto to international organizations, scholarly and specialist associations, and the general public.  It has since widened its scope to embrace the investigation of all aspects of language policy and planning at the international level and the study of linguistic obstacles to international communication.

Among CED’s most important activities are the following:

  • the editing of the international scholarly journal Language Problems and Language Planning (founded as La Monda Lingvo-Problemo, 1969-1976), which is published three times a year by the well-known academic publishing house John Benjamins (chief editor: Timothy Reagan);
  • the publication of Informilo por Interlingvistoj (founded as Novajletero por Interlingvistoj, 1974-77), which is published three times a year
  • the compilation of an annual bibliography of publications on Esperanto studies and interlinguistics, which is published as part of a much larger data base by the US-based Modern Languages Association;
  • the organization of the Esperantologiaj Konferencoj as part of the annual World Esperanto Congress;
  • the organization (often with local or international partners) of the Nitobe Simposia on language policy, and of other specialist conferences and seminars, for example at the United Nations.

In July 2007, in Amsterdam, CED arranged the first Conference of Universities where Esperanto or Interlinguistics Is Taught. This broadening of CED’s field of activities is expected to lead to further initiatives in this field.

The present Board of Directors of CED consists of the following people: Humphrey Tonkin (chair), Mark Fettes, Sabine Fiedler, Michele Gazzola, Federico Gobbo, Goro Kimura, Wim Jansen, Christer Kiselman, Mélanie Maradan, Giridhar Rao, Orlando Raola, Roland Rotsaert and José Antonio Vergara.

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