Bridge of Words: Reviews


Review in the New York Times Book Review: The Jewish Roots of Esperanto, by Michael Wex

Review in The Washington Times: BOOK REVIEW: ‘Bridge of Words: Esperanto and the Draam of a Universal Language’, by Martin Rubin

Review in the LA Review of Books: Nostalgia for World Culture: A New History of Esperanto, by Ross Perlin

Review in Libera Folio: Ponto el vortoj donas novan bildon de Esperantujo, by Steven Brewer

Review in Haaretz: Esperanto: Universal Language, or Yet Another ‘Jewish Conspiracy’?, by Ezra Glinter

Review in Mosaic Magazine: The (Not-So) Jewish Roots of Esperanto, by Philologos

Review in Slate: Lingwe Universalia, by Britt Peterson

Review in Jewish Review of Books: The Great Family Circle, by Stuart Schoffman

Review in L’Hebdo: Saluton, by Guy Sorman

Review in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Book review: Charting history, hopes of Esperanto, by Chris Foran

Review in Tablet Magazine: The Secret Language of George Soros, by David Mikics

Review in The New Yorker: A Language to Unite Humankind, by Joan Acocella

Review in Kirkus Reviews: Review: Bridge of Words

Review in Jewish Currents: The Uncivil Servant: In Praise of Esperanto, by Mitchell Abidor

Review in Hong Kong Review of Books: Bridge of Words, by Paul Webb

Review in Chicago Tribune: Esther Schor blends memoir and history in ‘Bridge of Words,’ the story of Esperanto, by Michael Upchurch

Review in Princeton Alumni Weekly: A Language for Idealists, by Deborah Yaffe

Review in The Jewish News of Northern California: Hebrew, Esperanto have some amazing stories to tell, by Howard Freedman

Reviews in Beletra Almanako: Table of Contents, by Robert Nielsen and by Hanso Becklin

Review in Revuo Esperanto: Table of Contents, by István Ertl

Video by Sam Green for Henry Holt: Bridge of Words: Esperanto and the Dream of a Universal Language by Esther Schor

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