Esperanto Studies

Esperantologio / Esperanto Studies

is an international journal on all phenomena relating to Esperanto. It publishes articles based on original studies of the linguistic, historical, literary, psychological, sociological, and political aspects of Esperanto, as well as reviews.

  • It particularly welcomes new material contributed by young Esperanto scholars.
  • It publishes material in Esperanto or English but is open in principle to material also in other languages.
  • The journal appears in two versions identical in content: a printed version and a web version.
  • The printed version can be obtained from Mondial Books, New York and from Amazon.
  • The web version is available on the Esperantic Studies Foundation website:
  • The journal is published by the Centre for Research and Documentation on World Language Problems, Rotterdam, Netherlands (directed by Mark Fettes:
  • Manuscripts and queries should be addressed to one of the two editors: Humphrey Tonkin ( or Guilherme Fians (
  • Manuscripts should follow APA style with respect to bibliographical and other references (see APA Publication Manual or consult the editors at the above addresses.

Esperantologio was founded in 1949 by Paul Neergaard (Denmark), with an 11-member editorial committee, among them Björn Colllinder, W.E. Collinson, Kálmán Kalocsay, Stefano La Colla, Gaston Waringhien and Eugen Wüster. It appeared irregularly until 1961. In 1999 it was revived as Esperantologio / Esperanto Studies by Christer Kiselman (Sweden), under whose editorship eight issues appeared between then and 2018. In 2019, its publisher became the Centre for Research and Documentation on World Language Problems (CED). Issue number 9 (1) was edited by Humphrey Tonkin and Orlando Raola.

Of the eight issues, edited by Prof. Kiselman, numbers 3-8 are available online at For paper versions please contact

Redaktoroj / Editors    

Humphrey Tonkin (University of Hartford)

Guilherme Fians (Manchester University)

Redakta Komitato / Editorial Board

Probal Dasgupta (Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata)

Sabine Fiedler (Universität Leipzig)

Gotoo Hitosi (Tohoku University, Tokyo)

Ilona Koutny (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan)

Erich-Dieter Krause

Sergej Kuznetsov (Moscow University)

Haitao Liu (Zhejiang University, Hangjhou)

Marc van Oostendorp (Meertens Instituut, Amsterdam)

Redakta Konsilanto / Editorial Adviser

Christer Kiselman (Uppsala University)

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