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The Esperantic Studies Foundation (ESF) does not pursue government funding. We rely on the generous contributions of people like you who are passionate about working to establish greater equality and improved communication and understanding among peoples of the world. You can donate one time, monthly with PayPal or a credit card, or you can support ESF with a leadership level donation. All options are listed below. Thank you for your support!

One time

One time giving

You may choose to make a one time donation to ESF in general, supporting the current and future projects, or you may direct your support to a specific program that is of most interest to you. ESF programs currently fall into the following categories: education; research; language policy and planning (more information below).

ESF Programs PayPal Link (credit cards) 
1. Educational initiatives (such as &
2. Research Initiatives (such as
3. Language policy and planning (such as Nitobe Symposia).
4. ESF general support.


Montthly donations

Monthly giving (PayPal/credit cards)

By becoming a monthly contributor, you not only contribute to important ESF initiatives, but also provide us with a predictable source of income that allows us to more efficiently plan our future projects.


Leadership level donations (PayPal/credit cards)

Make even more difference in our effort to enhance linguistic justice in a multicultural world by giving a leadership level donation ($1000).



AMU Poznanon (PayPal/credit cards)



Our programs


ESF’s initiatives in education include innovative web-based learning environments for learners and teachers of Esperanto, projects in global and intercultural education, and high-quality learning materials. We also support the North American Summer Esperanto Institute, the longest-running university-level program of this kind in the world. Click here to learn more about projects that we have supported in the past as well as current projects under development.


A central focus for ESF since its inception has been to provide funding for original research on issues of language equality, interlingual communication, and the history and sociolinguistics of Esperanto. We have supported the development of invaluable tools for researchers in these fields, including databases (corpora) of written and spoken Esperanto, a series of research bibliographies, and research libraries in Europe and North America. Click here to view a list of past and currently funded research projects.

Language Policy and Planning

In addition to our research mission, ESF works to raise the level of public and political debate on equitable and effective solutions to language problems. Through conferences, publications, and networking, we seek to bring together a wide range of academics, policymakers, government officials, journalists and activists to develop common ground on language policies and language planning issues. Our ongoing support of the Nitobe Process is one of our most important vehicles for stimulating dialogue amongst these diverse stakeholder groups.

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