Bridging Languages, Building Understanding



Zamenhof: The Life, Works, and Ideas of the Author of Esperanto”
Aleksandr Korzhenkov. Abridged by the author from "Homarano: La vivo, verkoj kaj ideoj de d-ro L.L. Zamenhof". English translation and notes by Ian Richmond (click here for PDF version)

Esperanto and Education: Toward a Research Agenda
Alvino E. Fantini & Timothy G. Reagan

World Language Policy in the Era of Globalization: Diversity and Intercommunication from the Perspective of 'Complexity
Albert Bastardas i Boada

Towards an Interlingual Internet
Mark Fettes

About Interlinguistics
Klaus Schubert

Europe's Babylon: Towards A Single European Language?
Mark Fettes

Esperanto Studies: An Overview
Humphrey Tonkin & Mark Fettes 

Esperanto and Language Awareness
Mark Fettes

Esperanto and Education: A Brief Overview
Mark Fettes

Educational Guidelines

Student Standards For Learning Esperanto K-16 In The United States (Draft, Nov. 2005)
A project of the Esperantic Studies Foundation and the American Council on the Teaching
of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)


Studies In Interlinguistics
A tribute to noted Interlinguist Dr. Detlev Blanke. This online book contains articles by prominent Interlinguists dealing with the study of Interlinguistics.

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